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Short Sale Homes - NorthtitleShort Sales with North Title?

With the assistance of an attorney, we have a 98% success rate on  The client, agents and loan officers are updated every step of the way with out Short Sale Commander.  Call us today for a free tour. 

The Realtor® 

A Short Sale is a time consuming process.  By allowing our staff to facilitate your short sale, you can focus on finding more business.   North Title works directly with the seller’s to obtain a pay off.  Our staff will collect all of the documents needed to process the sale, and this is done with no cost to the Realtor or the seller.  William Peper is an attorney familiar with the foreclosure process.  

The Lenders

Every Lender requires their own process on how a short sale must be handled, and the Lenders and homeowners can rely on North Title as an independent and neutral third-party negotiator.  North Title works as an impartial negotiator of the short sale process. Our staff acts as a liaison between the lender, Realtor® and homeowner in order to streamline the process and resolve the matter efficiently and expeditiously as possible.  By working with us, you can leverage our relationships and expertise in driving and managing the short sale process or other loss mitigation solutions, so you can minimize losses and increase your efficiency in default situations.  

We looking forward to working with you.  Please fill out the form below and learn how easy short sales can be.

Call North Title today and ask for Jason Borowitz or Mark Seburg for a quick overview of North Title’s Short Sale Process – 612-223-6262. 

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