North Title understands that scheduling is a huge factor in meeting customers’ needs. That’s why our scheduling policy is, “We schedule on your schedule.” The current market is hectic and we know what it takes for Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Professionals to bring deals to the closing table. Everything needs to be on time and moving forward. North Title knows that customers may need to take off work and plan well in advance to be available for the closing. If closings need to be rescheduled it can have a great impact on the cost and success of the closing. That is why North Title has a very efficient process with checks and balances to ensure that everything is ready on time. If any last minute changes are necessary even from the closing table, North Title always has at least one person available at the corporate office who is never in closings and can make changes on the spot. That way issues are resolved and the customer leaves with the knowledge that their transaction is completed.

North Title provides every customer with all documentation related to their transaction when they leave the closing whether in our office, your office, the client’s home, or anywhere else. We provide the customers with a heat-bound book. The cover sheet is pre printed color with the name and photo of the Mortgage Professional and all of their contact information. We also like to include the Loan Officer’s cell phone number because the cell phone seems to be one number that seldom changes. That way the customer always knows who to call when it is time for the next transaction or referral.

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