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What is CLAGOP?

CLAGOP is a service that North Title invented and has implemented as a free service that will benefit Buyers, Sellers, Realtors and Loan Officers. CLAGOP is simply known as a “Close and Go Purchase”, it is an innovative service that North Title created, and it is also the first known Title Company willing to implement this convenience to the client. Technology allows for the ease of closing at the home that the buyer is purchasing. North Title is dedicated to embracing technological advances in order to better serve the community. North Title will close at the home being purchased as long as the seller and buyer agree to this style of closing.

Real Estate Closing - NorthtitleSo once a purchase agreement is fully accepted with all contingencies removed, the Realtor or Loan Officer will send the purchase agreement to the title company of the Buyer’s or Seller’s choice.

Once this is completed the title company will begin the process of reviewing the title for any defects known as “clouds on title”. Once there is a clear title, clear to close and a date set for closing, the CLAGOP service will be implemented; this is as long as both parties agree to the place of closing.

So below are the following steps of the service provided with a CLAGOP.

  • Loan Officer and Title Company review HUD (Settlement Statement) to make sure that it is accurate and that the sellers or buyers closing costs and cash to purchase are accurate.
  • The Realtor and Loan Officer coordinate the closing with the Buyer and Seller.
  • Once a date is secured, the Realtor schedules a final walk through of the property to make sure that the home is still in the same condition, working order, cleaned and cleared of debris.
Real Estate Closing - Title Company Minnesota
  • Closing agents for the buyer/sellers show up at the house being purchased for the mobile closing.
  • Closing agent for the North Title will provide chairs and table if needed, or closing may take place in the kitchen of the home being purchased.
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  • The closing agent scans the signed documents into a wireless scanner that places all documents on a Flash Drive during the closing. The buyers will get a PDF copy instantly after signing.
  • Once all of the documents are signed, the purchaser can begin moving in. No driving to meet the moving truck since the buyer closed at the home of purchase.
Title Company Minnesota - Northtitle
  • The mobile closer will also have a mobile print station for coping deeds and HUDS for the Loan Officer or the Realtor.
  • Checks will be disbursed upon closing.
  • A Flash Drive will be handed to the new homeowner with all of the documents that they have signed. Hard copies can be supplied to the buyer within 48 hours of close if needed. All documents are digitally stored on a secured server for ease of access in the event the buyer would need another copy.
Title Insurance Company – Northtitle
  • Closing is finished!

The benefits of CLAGOP are compelling and North Title believes that this convenience of closing may likely redesign the way real estate purchases are closed.

Here are a few benefits of the service.

  • The Realtor and Buyer do not have to travel from the house being purchased to a closing office.
  • The Realtor may add the inspection report and a thank you letter to the jump drive.
  • The Loan Officer may add the appraisal and thank you letter to the jump drive.
  • All documents including a copy of the purchase agreement will be on the jump drive.
  • The buyer can show up for the closing with the moving truck at the house.
  • The buyer will not travel from the final inspection to the place of closing, saving a trip and time.
  • New Construction benefits for no traveling for the buyer or the contractor the day of close.
  • The seller can provide the buyer with hands on information about the house.
  • The loan officer will see the house that the buyer is purchasing.
  • The closing is convenient and quick and always scheduled on time.
  • The HUD is reviewed and confirmed 24/48 hours prior, so checks are ready at time of closing.
  • Changes to closing documents can be printed on site through wireless technology.
  • No waiting for copies of documents as they are instantly scanned to a zip drive during the signing.
  • The listing agent can pick up the lock box at closing.

There are more benefits than what is listed. As a Realtor or a Loan Officer put yourself on the map as an someone who embraces innovation and request a CLAGOP today with no additional charge to the buyer.

The owner of record must consent to this style of closing. In the event that the seller does not accept, North Title is a mobile closing center and will attempt to accommodate the buyers.

CLAGOP may not be available if there is another title company involved; a closer for another title company would need to consent to this style of closing as they may not have the resources to close a purchase mobile. Move in is subject to funding. Loan packages must be received 2 hours prior to close.

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