North Title, Inc. is one of the premier Title Companies in MN. 

Each member of North Title, Inc. is a certified notary public.  Many MN title companies employ a range of people from front lines, from the Closers to back room production professionals.  There is a lot more to that perfect closing than most would realize and there is a huge team effort that makes it work.  “Running a Title Company in MN is like coaching a football team” says founder Jason Borowitz, “You have to strive to be a little better than the other guys and work hard on every file or you can lose the game.  Every player has to come to work each day all fired up and ready to get their job done.  We are striving for the best customer service in the industry.  That is what we consider a win.”

North Title, Inc. seems to be off to a good start.  They have been doing a great business and increasing total orders month over by 20%.  This is unprecedented growth for an industry that has been on hard times for the last 4 years.

The most fascinating thing about this company is the fact that they feature among the lowest rates in the state of MN.  You would expect that a Low Rate Title Company would be short on customer service but it is not the case with North Title. Inc.  Since January 1 2012 they have logged no complaints and have received only good reviews from Investors and Buyers and Sellers alike.

I think the key to what North Title is doing has a lot to do with trust.  The clients of North Title, Inc. have largely been referrals from past customers of the 3 founders, Jason Borowitz, Mark Seburg, and Michael Julkowski.  These three have been in the Real Industry for over 40 years collectively.  Put that together with the experience of Teresa Cramblit, Lead Examiner and Matt Jones, North’s Attorney and you have knowledge and expertise that is second to none.  North Title, Inc. has built a foundation for success that will surely stand the test of time.DOCUMENT RETENTION

North Title uses state of the art document retention services. Our files are stored on secure servers and backed up in the cloud. In the event that there is a fire all of our data and documents are retained virtually. We also provide the client with a hard copy and a digital copy on a jump drive.

North Title a Minnesota Title Company.

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